Find Your Strength: 8 weeks to "Apex" Custom Fitness Program

8 weeks to "Apex" Custom Program.
Everything you'll possible need from A - ZLimited Time Only Limited Space
*Certified Nutritional Therapists *Clinical Weight Loss Practitioners *Elite trainers and National Level Coaches/Athletes*10 + years of proven results
The 8 Week Custom Package with coaching is usually $649 With all we are including here, Special Summer pricing on now but limited as we can only handle so many new clients for a short time offer price of $ 329 !!! 55% off.
What You Can Expect When You Sign Up with APEX:
• Individualization Client Assessment ($99 Value): 
The first thing you will receive when you join Apex is the detailed client questionnaire. Covering your dieting and training history, experience, goals (short and long term) and lifestyle. From your work schedule to your eating habits.
We need to know where you are coming from to plan best on where we are going.
• Custom Consultation ($99 Value): 
Talk with us privately to cover all the details and bases on what you need to get the best personalized plan possible. Have all your questions answered and be 100% confident in what’s to come.
• Custom Designed Meal Planning ($279 value): 
Nutrition is undeniably the most critical component of transforming your physique & living better as a whole. Unfortunately, most programs either completely overlook the importance factor of "who they are building it for"!! Or they are simple cookie cutter plans not meant for the masses, especially if you have a busy lifestyle, they don't take things like past experience, metabolic rate into consideration a lot of the time. Lets be realistic here… You can't eat Broccoli and Chicken breast for the rest of your life and call that a realistic or sustainable diet plan… Fact is that's not even how you would ever look your best anyways. But a lot of these diets point you in simplistic LOW carb/No carb diets that when you go back to somewhat regular life you end up worse than you started.
• Specific to YOU training program ($200 value)
: Your training and exercise program is built on sound science and practical experience to fast-track your results. The workouts in the magazines aren't right for you. They are dated and misleading. You will learn a lot here and take away a lot of training tips and education you'll keep forever.
• Individually Designed Supplement Regime ($100 value):
 Only use what’s needed for you and your goals. It's a confusing area filled with a lot of gimmicks and we have all wasted money in this area. Not anymore.
• Continually Monitored Progress /Accountability with changes/updates ($229 value):
 Constant communication and having that accountability and the ability to put guesswork and bad information aside and knowing what you are doing is perfect for you, your genetics, your lifestyle and experience level!! This is what really makes the Apex Programs such continued success.
• Resources to all of the supplements you will need, (and which you are wasting money on) at the best prices.
Feel free to contact us with any questions/concerns you have regarding anything at all!
Live Apex
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Ryan & Danielle your coach and friend.

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